The original Byron Bay Candle, all natural soy wax, cotton wicks, in recyclable glass jars with sealed wooden timber lids. Natural Fragrances developed to leave a strong and lingering fragrance in your home. Take home those Blissful Byron Bay days with a Byron Bay Candle. Our Byron Bay Candles capture Dreamy Sunsets, the smell of the ocean, summer fruits, laid back charm, fragrant summer flowers, the heady. Lift the lid - breathe deeply - light your candle - re-energise your soul and dream your back in Byron again.


100%  natural soy wax candles, cotton wicks, recyclable jars with wood lids in our iconic beach packaging. 80 hour clean burn time, with no sooting or smoking. Australian designed fragrances to give you a superior scent throw throughout your home, business or office. Burn our beautiful range of candles with confidence knowing they are shatter proof, highly fragranced and are using superior ingredients.

The iconic, the unforgettable, the inspirational Byron Bay. 


- Natural Soy Wax

- Long Burn Time of 80 Hrs

- Safe Glass Jar

-Timber Lid to rest your candle jar on

- Australian Luxury Fragrances and Essential oils.

- Iconic Byron Bay Images on packaging

- Cotton Wicks - 100% lead Free

- Not Tested on Animals

- Recyclable Glass Jar with sealed timber lid

- Luxury Candle at An affordable Price

- 12 carefully curated fragrances designed to evoke memories of Byron Bay

- clean, non toxic ingredients



The most easterly point in Australia watched over by a majestic lighthouse, patrolled by whales and dolphins, guarded by surfers, loved by all.Home of the postmodern hippie, a rare north-facing bay with a right hand surf break, sunny days, crystal clear water, bikini clad girls and the best waves in Australia.This slice of utopia is an intoxicating mix of laid-back charm, creative energy,  new age mysticism and hippie haven.  Blended together it makes one amazing tropical cocktail that once taken is never to be forgotten.You can now take home those blissful Byron days, the feel of salt on your skin, the taste of fresh just ripened tropical fruits, the lingering smell of fragrant white flowers and leafy greens in an afternoon breeze, the chill of vanilla ice-cream swirled with caramel, the heady incense of sandalwood and amber and the sensual pleasure of coconut oil on your skin.  Lift the lid – breath deeply – light your candle, re-energize your soul and dream you’re back in Byron Again Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and breathe the wild air… 

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