The original Byron Bay Candle, all natural soy wax, cotton wicks, in recyclable glass jars with sealed wooden timber lids. Natural Fragrances developed to leave a strong and lingering fragrance in your home. Take home those Blissful Byron Bay days with a Byron Bay Candle. Our Byron Bay Candles capture Dreamy Sunsets, the smell of the ocean, summer fruits, laid back charm, fragrant summer flowers, the heady. Lift the lid - breathe deeply - light your candle - re-energise your soul and dream your back in Byron again.

Peppermint Grove - Mews - Moss St

The Burchgrove Group have three stunning soy wax candle collections offering sophistication, cutting edge design and unparalleled fragrances.  Pure soy wax, with cotton wicks in a large 80hr glass jar that can be upcycled with superior burn time  and lasting fragrance.

- Natural Soy Wax

-Lead free, cotton wicks

- Recyclable Glass Jars

- Metal Lid to place under your candle to protect surfaces

- Hand Poured

- Australian Fragrances

- Not Tested on Animals

- Burn Time up To 80 hrs


We are proud to offer a select range from each collection at the cheapest prices on the Web.

Up to 50% off normal recommended retail prices. 
Now you can have superior products at a fraction of normal retail prices.


PEPPERMINT GROVE - The classic and sophisticated design of Peppermint Groves glass containers ensures it suits any home. Peppermint Grove candles feature hugely popular fragrances that are designed like a perfume with top, middle and base notes.

These candles and reed diffusers are a fraction of the price of Glasshouse.  The reed diffusers alone have an extra 100ml in them. The candle and reed diffuser together ensures your home will always smell beautiful.

It’s top 2 fragrances Patchouli and Bergamot (perfect for the lounge and bedroom) and Lime and Lemongrass (perfect for kitchen and bathrooms) have your entire house covered. We offer a capsule collection at the cheapest candle prices on the web.


MEWS COLLECTIVE - Color, design and fun fragrances collide in this Candle and reed diffuser collection that proves your house can not only smell great but look beautiful too. Amazing value  on a select range of candles, diffusers and gift packs.


MOSS ST - This modern and contemporary collection offers quality hand poured candles, diffusers and gift sets that will suit a home with streamlined aesthetic. We offer a select range at huge savings.

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